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  • January 6, 2012 - COLD LASER THERAPY
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January 6, 2012 - COLD LASER THERAPY


Are you suffering from chronic pain? Have you you tried physical therapy, medications and/or injections? Have you had surgery to correct a degenerative injury or condition only to still experience ongoing pain?

Cold laser technology has been used by physicians for decades to treat pain, inflammation and to decrease the healing time. 

F.D.A Recognition of Cold Laser Therapy
The F.D.A classifies medical lasers into three categories:

Class 4 Surgical Lasers
Class 3B Non-surgical Lasers
Class 3A Low-Level Lasers
Class 4 Surgical Lasers are used to cut, coagulate, and vaporize tissue. This is different from Class 3B and Class 3A non-surgical lasers, which are painless, non-burning, and non-cutting forms of lasers. Class 3B or Class 3A Low Level Lasers do not have the intensity to damage cells. Class 3A lasers help heal superficial wounds and conditions and will typically not penetrate below the skin's surface. However, Class 3B low level lasers have the ability to penetrate and assist in the healing process of deep tissue and joint problems.

At Dunsky Rehabilitation and Spine Center, we focus on finding the source our patients problem and either correct or manage their condition with cutting edge, noninvasive and nonsurgical technology.

We use Class3B Cold Laser Therapy which applies many significant  and beneficial effects on injuries and degenerative conditions.

Cold Laser Technology Laser:
-excites healing energy called photons which cause a Photochemical effect.
(Photochemical effect - not a photo thermal effect - therefore: does not cause heat damage to tissue)
-safe for patients with metal joint replacements and does not interact with plastic or metal molecules, therefore, there is no risk of injury

What Does Cold Laser Do?
Once the photons reach the cells of the body, they Promote a cascade of cellular activities:
-ignite production of enzymes
-stimulate mitochondria
-increase vasodilation and lymphatic drainage
-stimulate ATP synthesis
-elevate collagen formation substances to prevent formation of scar tissue

Photobiomodulation or laser biostimulation is the medical term for exposure to laser light that enhances tissue growth and healing.

A partial list of the essential components of healing:
*Increased leukocyte activity
 (Acceleration of tissue repair and reduction of pain)
*Increased neovascularization
 (New vessel growth and increased oxygenation)
*Increased fibroblast production
  (Speeds tissue repair)
*Increased tensile strength
  (Helps prevent reinjury)
*Stabilization of cellular membrane of damaged cells
*Enhancement of ATP production of synthesis
*Decreased C-reactive protein and neopterin; acceleration of leukocyte response; reduction of interleukin 1(IL-1)
*Increased prostaglandin synthesis
*Enhanced superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels
*Stimulation of vasodilation with increased angiogenisis (new blood vessels)

We have been able to increase the quality of our patients' lives through Cold Laser Technology.  We teach our patients how to make healthy choices in all aspects of their lives; diet, exercise, wellness, nutrition and how to maintain and prevent injury or treat ongoing conditions without merely masking symptoms.

Any of our staff will be happy to assist schedule a consultation for you or a loved one. Let us see if we can help get you feeling and living better.

Dr Joshua E Dunsky
Board Certified Chiropractic Physician


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