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We value our patients' experience at Dunsky Rehab & Spine Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view. Download & Print Questionnaire

Dr. Joshua Dunsky

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Dorothy N

Mark C

Anne F

Paul J

Larry H

Michela P

Steve A

Published on Aug 13, 2014

"For about a year now, I have been going to Dr. Dunsky for adjustments and various other treatments. Since beginning treatments there, I've noticed a significant difference in how I felt. Every time I've left his office I've not only felt better in general, but I've also felt better on the field. Besides chiropractic care, I've also worked with Mark doing ARP Wave therapy at Dr. Dunsky's  office. The ARP Wave helped to correct some of the muscular imbalances that I had, while increasing strength and range of motion. Overall I have been more than satisfied with the care that I've received at Dunsky's Rehab and Spine Center. I can trust that I am receiving the highest level of care there, and they will continue to be my go-to office for all of my chiropractic needs."
                            - Emil Igwenagu

Tammy A

Jen R

Carol T

Stephen R

Sharon S


I received a referral to this office from a friend after being in a car accident a few months prior and not receiving the help I needed from another medical office. I was a little hesitant to go to a chiropractic office for my back injury but figured i could at least have a consultation and go from there. Dr. Dunsky and his staff were so welcoming and explained exactly how things would work for my specific needs they made me feel so comfortable the choice was obvious. I started treatment with them and my back is so much better I can't thank them enough for all their help. I would recommend them to anyone!


Dear Dr. Dunsky,
I want to thank you so much for helping me with the pain in my foot.  I was hesitant to see a chiropractor to begin with, but I have since learned that if we as patients don't ask questions, we won't find answers. 
I am grateful that Elizabeth Audley, from Philanthropic Touch Massage Therapy, Wellesley, Ma. referred me to you.  I had been miserable with this pain for so long, I was at my wits end.  I had no  idea that a chiropractor would bring me so much relief and I can't thank you enough.  You have given me back my life.  I can now walk without a limp (now my neighbors won't worry about me as much as they have!)  You gave me knowledge about proper foot alignment (with custom stabilizers) and how they will cushion my foot and help in the healing process.  For the 3 months of treatment (taking baby steps) that was required with my injury, I can now say that I am 99% better than when I started.  I was in agony with this pain and believe me, I tried to do everything in my power to try and heal myself, but nothing I did helped as much as a doctor's care.  Yes, I was told the treatments would be somewhat painful, but it was necessary to get at my problem in order for my foot to heal.  I know of a few people with such foot problems and it seems like the more I talk with people, they can relate as well.  They too have had plantar fasciitis and I can now refer them to someone that can hopefully make them feel better as well. 
I will be back for my maintenance appointments.  Thank you also to Lisa, Jenn, Kelly, and Suzanne for making me feel welcome at your office.  I love your new place too!
Linda Burke

First to Review

Dr. Josh is my East Coast connection. Whenever I come home to visit the fam, I end up at Dunsky for an adjustment. Between sitting on a plane for 6 hours, stress, and sleeping on on of my parents' craptastic beds, I am in dire need of his help. 

He has a very clean, well-run, friendly, and fast operation, and he got rid of some lower back pain on one visit I had been dealing with for quite some time. Also, he has great recommendations for maintenance and supplements, etc.

When and if I move back, he will be my go-to guy.

Pain before:

I knew I had injured my neck when I was doing a somersault and felt a
zing go down my spine.  For the next three years, I endured a constant
pinching in my neck/shoulder and a constant burning sensation in my
neck and shoulder blades.  I knew I did something to my neck, and I
remember seeing a commercial for spinal decompression on television and
googled the treatment.  The only hit in my area was for Dunsky Rehabilitation & Spine Center, so I made an appointment.

Pain after:

The first two treatments were uncomfortable but relieving at the same
time.  I followed all of Dr. Dunsky's instructions, and half way
through my treatment I began to feel almost 100% better.  The pain and
discomfort became non-existent, and I felt like my neck had even
lenghtened!  Since then, I have been pain free.  The strengthening
exercises have been vital to me for remaining pain free, and I do not
have any more pinching.  The maintenance "pulls" are vital to staying
pain free, and they feel good!  I can't wait for the next one.

The Doctor and staff:

Dr. Dunsky is caring and compassionate.  He asks questions and goes
above and beyond my needs.  Even at times when it is unrelated to my
neck, he does not hesitate to fix any discomfort I am having.  I have
complete trust in him and anyone who may work with him.

The staff is great.  They are very accommodating, friendly, and make me
feel welcome when I am there.  It has a family type of atmosphere, and
I do not feel like a number or a paycheck.

Keep up the good work.

Gina Pellegrino

 My name is Melissa Georgeady and I came to Dunsky Rehabilitation and Spine Center March of 2010.  I had lumbar discectomy surgery on my L5 S1 four years ago for a herniated disc that created severe sciatica pain down my right leg.  The surgery worked beautifully and I was fine for about 3 years.  Then about a year ago I began having sciatica pain down my left leg and realized I had herniated my L4 5.  I was really scared to have another surgery because I didn't want to put my body through another surgery. I was also afraid that too many surgeries on my lower back would maybe somehow weaken my lower back.  I found out about Dr. Dunsky and his rehabilitation center after going to visceral manipulation, acupuncture and physical therapy, none of which helped.  After using the decompression table 3 times per week for 24 sessions I have found relief for my sciatica pain and my lower back spasms associated with the herniation!   Now I'm on a maintenance program and I feel like my old self again.  Everyone at Dr. Dunsky's office is courteous, professional and extremely friendly.  They have become like friends.  After being a skeptic that he could help me without going through another surgery, I am a staunch supporter of Dr. Dunsky's decompression table for anyone experiencing sciatica pain through herniated discs!

Thanks, Melissa